My story

Growing up in Paris, interest in applied arts and making. Creative education in the UK at University of Brighton, BA(hons) Three-Dimensional Crafts, graduating 2004. Hands-on, materials-led approach to design. Strong work ethic, creative focus.

Running a jewellery-making business in Brighton, then London for over 12 years. Lucky to gain work experience in Cockpit Arts with jewellery inspiration Jane Adam, and share studio in Brighton with generous makers Chris Hawkins and Abby Mosseri at the very start of my career.

Started to sell my work with a range of independent stockists around the UK. Taking part in both retail and trade shows during this time.

In 2005 I started working yearly for Dazzle exhibitions until 2012 – eventually becoming joint exhibition manager for Dazzle at the National Theatre. Strong understanding of the contemporary jewellery market. Working with makers. Understanding what sells and how to speak to clients.

With my own work I created a precious range, a mixed-media range both of which I exhibited widely, including Origin, Made London, Aaron Faber Gallery, Goldsmiths’ Fair. Worked on a number of commissions with private clients. Understand the commissioning process.

Studio-holder at Cockpit Arts since 2009. Peer support and a great community of makers.

In 2013 my work was featured in Woman’s Hour, in a piece called ‘how to commission affordable jewellery’. Brilliant story-telling: when I first realized that someone outside your business can tell your story more easily than yourself.

Wide industry knowledge: In 2015 I was commissioned by Platinum guild International to design a piece in collaboration with Cooksongold, using laser sintering technology in Platinum.

Since July 2016 working with Karen Henriksen and Lucy Martin – more detail

With a wide range of experience in the jewellery industry and a passion of other makers’ successes, I understand what it takes to run a creative business. I understand business on a human level and have the listening skills required to help you realise your vision. Find out more about communication.