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Collaboration | Open House with Fair Luxury

October 01, 2020 1 min read

Collaboration | Open House with Fair Luxury

I'm excited to be involved with Fair Luxury, the independent collective of jewellery industry changemakers with a shared vision for a responsible and sustainable future for people and planet.

As an established designer-maker, transitioning to ethical materials is a journey that takes time and commitment. I felt it would be great to find mutual support along the way.

Thanks to a helpful chat with Christina and Maggie of Christina T. Miller sustainable jewelry consulting, I approached Fair Luxury with the idea to connect with jewellers on a similar journey - who are as passionate about ethical sourcing for metals and gemstones in jewellery.

The Open House format is evolving but includes speakers on a theme and small group conversations to find mutual support and a human connection. It is held on Zoom and is free to attend, please register below.

Find out about upcoming Open House events here

Originally posted on 1/10/20

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