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Design story | Kyoto Necklace in Gold-Plated Silver

September 10, 2019 1 min read

Design story | Kyoto Necklace in Gold-Plated Silver

Continuous necklace design

This necklace is formed of twelve individual elements, gently curving and contoured. They are shaped to connect in a harmonious way, forming a continuous necklace design. Made from sterling silver with gold plating, and made to be enjoyed everyday.

Inspired by a Zen garden

Earlier this year I spent time in Kyoto admiring a Zen garden in the temple at Tofuku-ji. The simplicity and purity of forms in the temple and surrounding gardens inspired the design of this necklace (and will hopefully inspire more designs in the future).

I wrote about my visit in a previous post. This image has graced my studio noticeboard since April. The beautiful concentric circles drawn in the pebbles fascinate me - particularly the way light and shadow interact with the monochrome ridges.


Kyoto necklace in the making

This contemporary necklace is entirely made by hand in my studio at Cockpit Arts, London. Here is a making video revealing a snapshot of the making process:



Images taken during the design development of this necklace.

Fluidity and rhythm

The finished piece moves gracefully when worn, with its articulated links. Careful consideration has gone into how the curved links fit together, paying particular attention to the clasp which is shaped like a hook.

Available in silver or gold-plated silver. Discover the Kyoto necklace in the shop here



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