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  • Design Project | 3D Printed Platinum Cuff

    March 25, 2016 2 min read

    Design Project | 3D Printed Platinum Cuff

    Last year I was selected as one of two designers, to create a design for a 3D printing project in Platinum in collaboration with the Platinum Guild and Cooksongold (the first pieces ever to be produced in this way!) – After over a year, I can reveal the finished designs and the accompanying promotional video! Watch it here.

    My design inspiration:

    I wanted showcase what could be done with the 3D printing technology, with the unique qualities of platinum, whilst making the design look like a hand-drawn sketch – as well as giving it a modern aesthetic.

    The piece is hollow (a unique feature of the 3D printing process), and contains a hand-written message on paper, which is tucked inside the platinum. By integrating a paper element, I am contrasting the fragile, fleeting nature of paper and the message written on it, with the beautiful solidity, preciousness and density of the platinum surrounding it.

    The aim of the project was to highlight this new technology with a design that could not be produced in any other way – As such I was free to develop this bold design, away from commercial constraints – to challenge expectations of what a platinum 3D printed piece might look like.

    I took inspiration from swirls and waves seen on a tiny Chinese vase at the British Museum – exploring the curves and spiral forms through sketching, I then created some clay models to see how the bold shapes would feel, and how they could be combined. Then I created a card outline of the shapes all joined up. Only then did the design get translated into a digital file.


    Beyond design and technological advances, the role of jewellery remains unchanged; to embellish the body, whilst filling basic emotional needs, such as comfort, love or as a reminder of a love one.

    As with the swirls on the outside of the piece, the text is inspired by water, and says:

    “If there is a strong current – And you are struggling to stay afloat

    Look, and breathe – Isn’t the water beautiful?”

    It was a pleasure to be a part of this exciting project – Many thanks to the Platinum Guild and Cooksongold for inviting me to take part.

    More about the project:

    The project was a collaboration between the Platinum Guild International(PGI), whose main aim is to promote platinum, and Cooksongold, the manufacturer for all things jewellery. It was officially launched at Baselworld in March 2016. The other designer involved was Joseph Jackson.

    The team at Cooksongold (part of the Heimerle Meule group), in collaboration with EOS have been working to develop a 3D printing machine suitable for the jewellery industry– turning precious metal powders (silver, gold, platinum) into solid objects through a lasering process known as DMLS – Direct Metal Laser Sintering.

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